b e s t i a r i o

”No one has seen my eyes – or those who have seen them are dead. If I were to open my eyelids – blood red and swollen – you would die instantly”

b e s t i a r i o is a stage work that approaches bestiaries – medieval collections of weird animals, monsters and unexplainable freaks of nature. On the scene it creates its own bodily and spatial bestiary. The team has built a barber shop –  allowing all sorts of transformations – in an old retail space in the Helsinki city centre. The work studies monstrosity and the fear of the unknown. b e s t i a r i o also plays with the idea of how other species might write their own bestiaries of us humans.

Directing and dramaturgy Riko Saatsi
Scenography Petri Tuhkanen and Simona Bieksaite
Sound design Kristian Ekholm
On stage Anna Lipponen and Tuomas Kiiliäinen
Production Jalostamo² – Anna Lipponen, Jenni Ripatti, Jaakko Lenni-Taattola

Duration 1 hour 20 minutes, no interval.
PREMIERE: 10 September 2019 at 19
LOCATION: Unioninkatu 27, 00130 Helsinki

“Wickedly fascinating”
Helsingin Sanomat review 11.9.2019 (by Maria Säkö)