Handless (Kädettömät)

It’s year 1987-1991 during singing revolution of Estonia. Soviet Union is collapsing and new life is closer than ever. At the same time odd symptoms take 27-year old Else to see a doctor in Finland, and she is diagnosed with ALS. This is the setup full of comedy, drama and music for encounter of Estonian dad and Finnish daughter.

The play (written by actor Anna Lipponen) deals with freedom from perspective of individual and also society. Handless is a story about an encounter of a father and a daughter, about two racoons Manu and Panu and also about complexity of human life. The play is a black comedy where two culteres collide, it’s about death and the great passions in life. What is there when the only things that work are your brains and your heart?

Produced in collaboration with the Eesti Draamateater (EST) and Lahti City Theatre
Directed by: Tanjalotta Räikkä
Written by: Anna Lipponen

On stage: Anna Lipponen & Tõnu Oja
Lighning design & scenography: Petri Tuhkanen
Music and sound design: Samuli Laiho

Finnish premiere: December 2nd 2016 (Lahti City Theatre)
Estonian premiere: March 11th 2017 (Eesti Draamateater, Tallinn)