An Arctic Requiem.
Two polar bears, Fritz and Knut.
A Finnish man, Jouko.
Freezing weather and poorly waxed skies.
Helsinki – Lapland – Troms – Svalbard.
Oatmilk freezing in its container.
The Car will not start.
Ketchup and poisonous climate refugee mosquitoes.
This is the world…
This is the…
This is…

Ice Ice Baby, created by Anna Lipponen and Petri Tuhkanen, brings the Nordic extreme conditions on stage. The creation is a dive into the inner landscape of human and animal. The conditions created by the climate change are extreme. Nevertheless, two polar bears struggle on their way towards the North trying to film a video to be stored in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

Ice Ice Baby is an absurd comedy combining theatre and cinema. A dystopia meets idyllic mountain landscape and a desert starts to blossom after seven long years.

Script & direction: Anna Lipponen
Concept: Anna Lipponen & Petri Tuhkanen
Scenography & Cinematography Petri Tuhkanen
Sound design: Kristian Ekholm
Costume design: Simona Bieksaite (Lithuania / Norway)

Actors: Ragnar Uustal (Estonia), Anne Niilola (Kotka City Theatre) and Miika Muranen

Production: theatre Jalostamo² in collaboration with Kotka City Theatre

PREMIERE ON NOVEMBER 21st 2019 at Teater Viirus.

Shows in Helsinki (Teater Viirus, Main Stage) NOV 21 – 27 2019.
Shows in Kotka (Kotka City Theatre, Main Stage) in spring 2020.

Tickets can be bought on through this link.